Welcome, Karkidaka Maasam !

Day 1 of Karkidaka Maasam 

It is the fourth month of lunar calendar – Cancer a.k.a Karkidakain malayalam. Doted with plentiful rains, this month is about self-reflections and restrain. (that’s how the tradition goes)

The monsoons flourish the great back-waters and people alike, also the tiny micro-organisms. Strictly, the way we see it, the advised ‘healthy-leafy-diet’ for this month is a science of fighting the ill-effects (one of  the very few) of monsoons. 

Diet and meditate = cleanse and total rejuvenation. 

When in Kerala, try the Malayalee way. 

The Hindu has more to say..


Happy Monsoons to all!!


Also, Eid Mubarak!! these are some happy co-incidences.