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  • Hand Screen Printing

    Sep 03 2019

    A manual printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink into a substrate, except in areas impermeable to the ink by a blocking...

  • “i am WOMEN, not woMEN”

    Sep 03 2019

    We engage women self help groups and small scale vendors for manufacturing process. Behind each product there is an effort of many skille...

  • Welcome, Karkidaka Maasam !

    Jul 15 2017

    Day 1 of Karkidaka Maasam :  It is the fourth month of lunar calendar – Cancer a.k.a Karkidakain malayalam. Doted with plentiful rains, t...

  • Malayalam Project @ Viakerala Design Shop

    Dec 21 2014

    MALAYALAM PROJECT is our favourite new pastime. As designers working in the medium of malayalam (language / letterform / landscape) this ...

  • Bell tower of historic Kochi

    Apr 15 2014

    Built over hundreds of years, the streets of Mattancherry offer significant insights into the addition of Malabari Jew's architecture. Th...