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Set of 7 Vintage Anna - Handmade Ceramic Coin - Fridge Magnets

Rs. 4,403.00

Coins that were called 'Annas' were used in the era before India's independence. Our parents and grandparents often refer to these as the good old days when many a thing was bought with just 1 anna! These coins survived the partition but were made redundant in 1957 - a significant year since it marks when Kerala joined the Republic of India.

Viakerala has taken this motif and made it into a Collector's Edition - Vintage Annas Coins that you can keep as a memoir of old Indian currency. The coins are handmade by women in self help groups across Dharavi, and hand glazed before firing in a clay oven. The design and production has been painstakingly managed over a period of six months from our small studio in Cochin. The end result is a beautiful piece that you will love!

Viakerala Annas in Ceramic make the perfect gift for any occasion - a very unique piece that is made in a limited edition by Viakerala. We highly recommend this for history buffs and fans of numismatics.

Product Description: Material: Handmade Ceramic. Colour: Sepia Tones. Fridge Magnet - A small magnet is fixed to the back so it can be used as a fridge magnet. The Sepia colour glaze is done by hand and is different on every piece making each one unique. The item comes in a beautiful screen printed canvas layer that has the currency conversion from the 1920s. The coins are hand stitched onto the packaging and covered by a paper pouch- making this design one of a kind!

What you will get:

  • Half Pise 1936 Coin Magnet
  • Half Anna Coin Magnet
  • One Anna Coin Magnet
  • Two Anna Coin Magnet
  • Eight Anna Coin Magnet
  • one pice Anna Coin Magnet
  • 1/12 Anna Coin Magnet