CROW — Terracotta Sculpture (Black)

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Here a crow, there a crow, everywhere a caw caw..

The crow in Kerala, the unofficial mascot of your wake-up call! They are the true kings of the sky, ruling over coconut trees and electric wires with a sense of authority.

So, next time you hear the distinctive cawing orchestra in Kerala, just know that the crows are the unsung heroes of the comedic scene, bringing laughter and chaos to the skies above God's Own Country.

There’s even an island here called Kakkathuruthu, meaning crow island.

Some common sayings about crows are:
- കാക്ക കുളിച്ചാൽ കൊക്കാകുമോ?
- അരിയെറിഞ്ഞാല്‍ ആയിരം കാക്ക.
- കാക്കയ്ക്കും തൻകുഞ്ഞ് പൊൻകുഞ്ഞ്.

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