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Graphic Typography - Malayalam Ra - Wall Poster

Rs. 2,100.00

Whats not to love about Malayalam - this script that has no rules, breaks all the rules, has about 999 unique letterforms with which you can make almost every imaginable phonetic sound!

At Viakerala Design studio, we are in love. Yes, with Malayalam. The forms are fascinating but put it on a page and the geometry is perplexing! Every day is a new experiment with letterforms. And here in this poster, is one example that we absolutely love!

The Ra is part of the Ke, Ra, Lam Series which is an experiment in geometric type design and intricate overlapping layering. This is also printed in manual silk screen method in our small screenprinting studio in Cochin. The poster is a tribute to malayalam and an expression of modern Kerala design.

Specifications: Screen printed on Paper size 16" x 16" square. Shipped in paper tube.

Available designs: Malayalam KeMalayalam Lam